DIY Facial Massage For A Natural Glow

DIY Facial Massage For A Natural Glow

When we encounter someone with luminous, youthful skin, our first instinct is to interrogate them about what products they use. But what few pursuers of perfect complexions think to consider is that how one applies a serum or moisturizer is just as important as the formula itself.

Facial massage is one of the best ways to boost radiance, plump your complexion, prevent wrinkles in the long term and boost lymphatic drainage - and that's naming just a few of the key benefits. 

The good news is you can give your skin an boost by doing your own facial massage a few times a week!

Here are a few top tips from our skincare experts on how to give yourself a facial massage at home...


What should you use?

Using a facial oil - especially in the evening - will stimulate the lymphatic system to remove pollution toxins and fluids as well as tension and stress from the muscle tissue. 


How often should you do it?

Facial massage can be done as many times a week as works for you and can be done at any time of the day, but our experts advise you take time before you go to sleep to indulge.


What will it do?

Facial massage will improve muscle structure and facial contours, plump your complexion and lift and brighten the skin, as well as deliver oxygenated nutritious blood to the skin cells encouraging better cell turnover. Massage also helps to rebalance the skin removing any dry patches or oiliness, in turn giving an all over radiant glow. 


Here's how...

1. Apply a face oil or aromatic balm into the palms and work palms together to loosen the product. 

2. Press your palms onto your face and gently apply the product. Taking your palms to the center of your face, breathe in deeply and slowly once your hands reach your nose. Sweep your hands outwards and upwards towards your hairline, using a good, slow pressure. Do this six times. 

3. Take your index and middle fingers and sweep along the jawline from the chin to the ears. Make sure the jawbone is in between your fingers when sweeping. Do this six times   

4. Apply the oil or balm to the underneath of the cheekbone area and gently rest your face in the palms of your hands. Feel the pressure ease away from under cheek area and improve contours. 

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